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A Clean Hood is A Safe Hood!
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When your fire extinguisher or fire safety system fails, a small fire can quickly escalate into a devastating tragedy. Having regular fire extinguisher, fire alarm, and fire sprinkler inspection and maintenance is essential and mandatory to being prepared for any fire emergency – large or small.

No matter what kind of business or home you have, portable fire extinguishers especially, are your first line of defense when it comes to a fire emergency. If you are located in the greater DFW, TX area and want to make sure your fire extinguishers and fire systems are in working condition, contact A.F.S. SERVICES today, to schedule your fire extinguisher, and fire alarm inspection, including testing, maintenance or recharge/refill services, and that your security systems is both in working order and is monitored continually. If you are not sure, ask A.F.S. SERVICES and we'll be glad to help. Don't wait – make sure your business is always prepared for a fire emergency!

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